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Yes so today is our first in Canada. So far we have spent a day in San Fran, a very long day on a train, a rainy day in Seattle, and, at this very moment, a splendid first day in Vancouver. I am just going to hit the highlights so we can go further in depth as time goes on.

Day One:
Tawnia and Kevin arrived at my house in the early evening. We went shopping, got In-N-Out, and went for a nice ride in the hills. We also rewatched the season finally of Grey's Anatomy. I cried, I think Kevin did as well. Tawnia kicked me.

Day Two:
We woke up early and took showers while waiting for my mother to pick us up and drive us to the BART station. I took an awesome polaroid of Kev and Tawn, I'll scan it in once I get my scanner. We went to Berkeley, which was going to be a surprise for Kevin, but he found out, so it was just a pleasant little trip. He wants to go there, maybe, in a year or two. Then we found our way into the city. We went to Chinatown and bought some of those cheap Chinese trinkets that shine on the shelves before wandering over to City Lights, a famous bookstore and sort of birth place of the Beatnik revolution. Yes, right up Kevin's street. Then onto the train after dinner with my mother. Scattered sleep in the lower car.

Day Three:
Kevin and I got up around 5am and headed to the observation car to just breathe in the nature that surrounded us, mountains, rivers, trees, all that jazz. Tawnia came up and we had a fairly unsatisfying Amtrak breakfast. The rest of the day was a rather long blur of knitting, I taught them how, watching movies, sleeping (for them), and junk food. We got into Seattle 5 hours too late, 1am. Got to the Edgewater and fell into sleep.

Day Four:
Went to Pike's Place for breakfast and shopping, then onto the Space Needle, doing the tourist thing. I gave Kevin's card to a boy, becoming a WingWoman and loving every minute of it. We played a few celebratory games of air hockey then went on a carousel ride. The horses looked demented. As a tie off to our day in Seattle we went on a Ferry ride to on of the islands and came back while the lights were beginning to come one. The dinner. My mom rented an H3, and we rocked out all the way to Vancouver.

Day Five:
We went to the Buchart Gardens on Victoria Island and spent the day taking in the sheer natural of it all. Wow. We really didn't do all that much today. Well, we may drink, I hope we drink...we'll see how that goes...

Ohhh I love these two. I love this trip. I love Canada.

Peace and Love,
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