Kevin, Sam, Tawnia (wewillwander) wrote,
Kevin, Sam, Tawnia

the trip according to tawnia

day 1-at 6 fucking o'clock in the morning, the kevin decides to call me and we leave my house by 6:30. we go to andy's house so i can say good bye and he brings me to bed and holds me hostage for a while. then there was driving, lots and lots of driving....lots of driving. then we get to sams house, and eventually we sleep.

day 2-we went to san francisco and wanderd (chinatown and what not....oh and berkeley) and then we went to dinner with sams mother and we got on the train

day 3- train train train

day 4-we stayed at the edgewater, i took a shower, it was an awesome shower...and then we ate food and i got a peony and a iron-on for a t-shirt....and we went to the space needle. and then we got off and sam hit on a guy for kevin....because he didnt want to do it himself....and it was cold and raining....and we went on a ferry....and then we ate some more and drove to canada with sams mother

day 5-we waken...and went the buchart gardens.....gardens are pretty....and we had tea there.....yeah that was all that was interesting about that day

day 6-we went to ubc...i fought with kevin...and then we went swimming

day 7-stanley park....biking....eating, ect. swimming, and then we wandered aroung downtown vancouver all night and stayed at a dennys until 5 when we got on a bus back to the states

day 8-sleeping the entire trip home (about 19 hour)

day 9- san francisco.....driving home.....interesting smells along the way (not good smell, interesting smells) and then home


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