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Trip Cameras!

Every time I go on a good trip I like to take at least one disposable camera, just to capture things with the added mystery of not being able to see how they turned out until after they are developed. I took some time and scanned in all the photographs from my 2 trip cameras, one was in black and white. The best ones are here for your viewing pleasure....

our own little Beatnik waits for the BART to Berkeley.

Mister Kevin, using his divine knitting talents while rocking out on the train

Tawnia and I expressing our inner lesbians while Kevin isn't looking

my basic view in the observation car #1

my basic view in the observation car #2

aww, but they love eachother...

Kevin's back and a You Are Beautiful sticker.

SpaceNizzeedle, fools.

I LOVE this picture.

Pretty Tawnia at the bus stop.

we call this one "The Sexy Kevin"

that's Tawnia's "Lookit Me I'm Grinning!" face, my "Come Hither" look, and Kevin's "What?" face.

To summarize...we are awesome.
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