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10 Days to Go!

We are ten days out from the great Canadian journey. Tawnia and I have come up with business card titles, and we have been racking our minds for the past few days trying to come up with Kevin's. It has to be something that gets him just right but leaves a little mystery...have you ever tried to define someone based on guidelines as broad yet specific as those? We are having a hard time. Most of the travel plans are there, we just haven't locked them in yet. We will be taking the train up to Seattle, spending a night there, then onward to Vancouver to take in everything that the great north has to offer. This trip is for me, to visit my number one college choice, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver (UBC). So my mom is funding everything and I am bringing two of my best friends along for the ride. I hope it is everything we could want it to be...I really do.

Peace and Love,
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