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wewillwander's Journal

Kevin, Sam, Tawnia
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If you are reading this you are either a friend of the three of us, or someone we gave a card to. This is a record of our trip through Canada and the Northern US. We are very cool people.

The Group - average age of 18 - California - We are a group that sings along with the radio. We talk on the phone late at night. We hold surprise parties for our friends and write letters and have families that don't understand us sometimes. We share television shows and our favorite books. We are just like a million other groups of teenagers, but we live like this is unique. We are friends.

Tawnia (Dispensable Stranger)- 18 - Fullerton, CA - Tawnia is interesting, she tends to shock people upon meeting them. She speaks her mind and can be a bit racist at times. She is small, and chinese, and one of a kind, she can recite all the Lord of the Ring movies from start to finish. She is very critical of others, but loves her friends more than anyone else in the world...except Andy, her mexican boyfriend.

Sam (The Wanderlusted Writer)- 17 - San Francisco, CA - Sam has real long brown hair, and wears a skirt just about everyday. She is the youngest of this group, but you wouldn't know it, she fits in well. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is rather self-conscious. She is going to be a novelist when she gets a bit older and prides herself in her ability to read people. She is nocturnal.

Kevin (The Optimistic Realist)- 19 - Anaheim, CA - Kevin is gay, and everyone knows it. He is one of the people that you can truly claim as a friend. Kevin looks like a lot of people, (Mark from RENT) but he is completely unique once you get to know him. His car has no stereo so you can catch him singing in it when he gets bored. If Kevin were an animal, he would be a stick. A really sharp, pointy, painful stick.

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